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 Radio Central's May Meeting will be a Virtual Zoom Meeting.
Wednesday May 27, 2020

Virtual Zoom Meeting

In accordance with the Social Distancing guidelines that we have to observe to keep the Covid-19 threat in retreat, our May meeting will be held on line using Zoom. Our May meeting will be a member participation meeting. Anyone who is interested in participating will give the rest of us a tour of their shack - rigs, test equipment, work bench, operating setup, wallpaper - any or all of the above. This is a unique opportunity that we would not ordinarily have. We're all Amateur Radio operators. Let's not let the COVID-19 threat get us down when we can use technology to stay connected!

Our 2020 General Meetings will be at the Middle Country Public Library in Centereach. You can get directions to the Middle Country Public Library here.

 Gary Glintencamp, KD2IBQ, SK

It is with great sadness that I bring the sad news of Gary, KD2IBQ, suddenly becoming a silent key on March 5, 2020. Gary joined Radio Central in May, 2015. He was an active member of the club, joining the Board of Directors in March, 2016. Gary was instrumental in seeking out opportunities for the club to operate in various special events, including National Parks On the Air, Lighthouse Weekend, and most recently, Fun Day at the Wertheim Wildlife Refuge back in October. Gary is survived by his wife Sylvia, his sister Gail Glintenkamp, cousin Karl Zachow and his wife Ingrid. A memorial service, originally scheduled for March 15, has been postponed due to Coronavirus concerns. We will provide updated information as it becomes available.

Radio Central's Next On-The-Air Outing

International Marconi Day, Saturday April 25 at the Marconi Shack

Please join us in celebrating Marconi's 146th birthday as we operate out 23rd International Marconi Day event in Rocky Point. Learn more here

Check Out Five New Presentations Added to Our Presentations Library:

1.) FT8: The Newest, Most Popular Mode on MF/HF/VHF by Bob, WB2NFL   View with Adobe Acrobat...

2.) Six Meter Propagation Modes by Ken, WB2AMU   View with Adobe Acrobat...

3.) RFI in the Ham Shack - Tips and Traps by Rick, KC2FD   View with Adobe Acrobat...

4.) LC Bandpass Filters for 20M, 30M, 40M by Stephen E. Sussman-Fort, Ph.D, AB2EW   View with Adobe Acrobat...

5.) Software Defined Radios: One Ham's Perspective by Jon Longtin, KB8LFP   View with Adobe Acrobat...

  Ham Radio and Distracted Driving

In light of increasingly strict "Distracted Driving" laws, our ARRL Hudson Division Director contacted the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles to get their position on operation of mobile Amateur Radio equipment with respect to Distracted Driving laws. The DMV responded with a letter of opinion that appears to be very favorable to Amateur Radio. Basically is says that talking via ham radio does not constitute a violation of the Distracted Driving laws. It should be noted that though the DMV's letter (which can be downloaded from the Hudson Division web page here, of or from the RCARC web page here) is pro-Amateur Radio, it's an opinion from the DMV, not a binding agreement, so it's still possible to get pulled over, cited, and required to appear in court. More importantly, you should always give the road and traffic absolute priority over operating your radio while driving. In Mike Lisenco's own words: "Feel free to print out this opinion, but understand that it is not a license to be stupid! Letís hope that you never need to use it."

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